Dr. Seuss Inspiration

Dr. Seuss Inspiration


Highly Recommended

If you’re in the St. Louis area and having trouble finding the right doctors for your back pain I recommend the following from my pain management team.

Dr. Eichholz – Minimally Invasive Back Surgeon

Dr. Ahmad – Pain Management Doctor

Patricia Zorn – Physical Therapist

Heather Wheeler – Acupuncturist


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Pain Management Plan

After 8 months of doctors appointments, opinions, treatments, and tests I finally found a great surgeon, pain management doctor, physical therapist, and acupuncturist who have me on a pain management plan that seems to be working.   It feels good to progress weekly and to actually feel pain relief.  Although I have a long way to go, I’m excited that after only 2 months on this plan I see improvement and finally have hope again.  I really thought I was never going to get better.


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Seeing Double

My twin nephews, Trey James and Ty Michael were born today!  One of the positives of living at home is that I get to be here for all the big moments like birthdays, weddings, holidays, and births.  Normally I live out of state and I would miss out.

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Pain-Free Trip

After all the stress and frustration I’ve been under this year I just can’t wait till its all over and I can celebrate with a little pain free trip.  I’m trying to look forward to something positive.  I already have a trip to Seattle planned later in the summer, but I’d also like to take a relaxing trip to Mexico, or somewhere tropical.  My mom has helped me so much through all this I would love to take a trip together where she doesn’t have to take care of me, and we can just have fun and chill.  Stay tuned for trip plans…

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I got my Myelogram test this week, which I was really nervous about but it ended up going better than expected.  After all the post-test pain in my back and legs, and headaches throughout the week, I’m finally starting to feel a little better.

The test results showed that I have NO nerve compression, so NO surgery is necessary.  Which leaves me with questions as to why I’m in pain and where this pain is coming from.  The next step is to figure out a pain management plan with my doctor.  I’m not sure what exactly he’ll come up with since I’ve already tried so many approaches, but hopefully at my appointment next week I’ll have more answers.

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Still No Luck

The last injection did not work once again.  So instead of continuing with injections in a diagnostic approach over and over again my doctors decided its best for me to get a Myelogram done.  It’s similar to a CT scan only more risky as they use a needle to put dye in your spinal canal then pictures are taken to check for nerve compression.  If there is compression surgery would be justified and if not, it will prove that injections are the right way to go.  My doctor said they don’t do Myelograms often, only about 5 per year, but since its been almost a year now of me dealing with these back issues and nothing else is working they think this will help find the right approach to take and will bypass the diagnostic approach which will just keep prolonging things.  This procedure makes me a bit nervous with all the risks, but I hope it will be worth it.

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Happy Sunday

I really hope this next injection is the last injection!!  Until then, I’m trying to seize the moment and enjoy the little things, which help distract me from my current situation.  I hope to really be Carpe-ing That Fucking Diem soon!


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