Here’s the deal…

I had back surgery in July, but unfortunatley the pain has continued as I have re-herniated in two disc levels.  Its sucks being immobile for almost 7 months now, but I’m trying to keep positive and not get too frustrated; I definitely have my moments.  I’m living back at home with my parents while I recoup.  And while I am very grateful for them and my supportive family I’m finding it harder and harder to be dependent on others, just yearning to get back to normal again…whatever that is.  Being inactive and not having a social life can ware on a person after so long.  This has been a very slooow recovery process that I’m forgetting what life was like before all of this.  I’m praying things get better after surgery #2 (yes, another one) and I can finally be on the mend and be a healthy me again.


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