Decisions, decisions…

Choosing a surgeon can be very difficult and if you’re someone like me you’ll agonize over it even in your sleep.  So many questions go through your head…Am I choosing the right one?  The best one?  How successful and effective are they?  Will something go wrong because of them? And if something god forbid does go wrong will I regret picking that surgeon or would it have happened anyways?   Then you have questions about the surgery itself, like if it will work, relieve my pain, or will I re-herniate again?  Or would something else entirely take care of the pain; water therapy, more time, or losing these extra lbs from recoup?  I could go back and forth all day, week, and month up until surgery agonizing over all the “what ifs,”  but instead of continuing on this anxiety roller coaster I need to just make a decision, be confident in my decision, and stick with it.  What ever happens happens, and according to one surgeon’s opinion, its not going to hurt me any to have surgery, it will either relieve pain or I’ll be in the same situation.  In the end whatever the result of the procedure I will have more answers on what exactly is happening with my back and nerves.  I need to trust in myself that I’m making the right decision. 


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