alternative approaches

I have been trying alternative ways to get relief the past few months by doing acupuncture, taking herbal remedies, and getting massages.  Acupuncture probably won’t heal the herniations (although ya never know), but it does relieve some leg pain and also helps keep me centered.  It’s nice to get some quiet time for myself to go in, get pricked, and let the qi flow.  It has really helped keep me sane by easing my stress and anxiety levels.  I’ve even tried oral herbal remedies that didn’t exactly agree with me, although the topical, Comfrey Blend seems to help a little.  Then in between acupuncture I get massages every other week to help get the blood flowing and work out my muscles.  I recommend Massage Envy …they have a great membership package that you pay monthly.

Acupuncture Needles

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