Image similar to my MRI. The nerve roots are being pinched by the herniations.

After a few light workouts in the water…I’ve confirmed that surgery is more probable than I had hoped.  When you get sharp shooting pains down your leg while doing even the lightest activity, like sitting its not a good thing .  I haven’t had pain this severe since I tried physical therapy in October.  Since I stopped PT my pain has been on the lower end of the 1-10 pain scale, so I’ve been contemplating having another surgery.  I thought my pain wasn’t surgery worthy and that an alternative approach (like pt, water therapy, acupuncture, etc.) could work, but since that hasn’t relieved any pain I’m thinking surgery is going to be the answer.  I’m eager to get my 3rd surgeons opinion even more so now…if only insurance approvals would go through :/

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