Please work

I finally had my 3rd surgeons opinion and he recommended a conservative approach before proceeding with a second surgery.  He thinks my pain could be due to inflamed joints in my Sacroiliac
since sitting is so painful for me, so with that I am scheduled for a SI joint injection.  So depending on if it works, I might not have to have surgery at all.  If the injection doesn’t take the first time though I can try once more, but if there is no response we will confirm that my pain is due to my herniations and surgery will be the next step.  I’m thankful that this surgeon has given me another option to start with and praying this injection works!  The only downside now is that I have to wait till March for the injection and wait 2 weeks for it to take, then if it doesn’t work I’ll have to do it all over again.  Please, please let this work!

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