Pricked, Shocked, Injected

Since the SI Joint injection and Piriformis injection did not give me any relief unfortunately, my doctor decided I should get an EMG test to check my muscle and nerve function.  I got the test this week and it was literally a pain…didn’t realize my doctor would be sticking a 3 inch needle into my muscles like 30 times (Ouch!) and then shocking me with electrical currents.  The post test pain has been rough, but at least I got some answers.  The results showed that most my nerve aggravation is coming from the S1 level in my back, so I’ll proceed with a steroid injection in my S1 nerve.  This will be my second injection in that area.  I’m told it can take up to 3 tries, but lets hope not.  I’ll have to wait till April 9th to find out.  The waiting continues…

Steroid Injection

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