Still No Luck

The last injection did not work once again.  So instead of continuing with injections in a diagnostic approach over and over again my doctors decided its best for me to get a Myelogram done.  It’s similar to a CT scan only more risky as they use a needle to put dye in your spinal canal then pictures are taken to check for nerve compression.  If there is compression surgery would be justified and if not, it will prove that injections are the right way to go.  My doctor said they don’t do Myelograms often, only about 5 per year, but since its been almost a year now of me dealing with these back issues and nothing else is working they think this will help find the right approach to take and will bypass the diagnostic approach which will just keep prolonging things.  This procedure makes me a bit nervous with all the risks, but I hope it will be worth it.

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